Waffle cones ("B" & "Amore")

Ice cream cones “Β” (400 pcs/cb)
Info: ↕ Height: 125mm, Int. diameter: 28mm, Ext. diameter: 50mm

Ice cream cones “Amore” (385 pcs/cb)
Info: ↕ Height: 130mm, Int. diameter: 35mm, Ext. diameter: 55mm

Biscuit cones - Rockets

Νο1 (430 pcs/cb)
Info: ↕ Height: 92mm, Diameter: 38mm, < Degrees: 22,5

Νο100 Flat butter (540 pcs/cb)
Info: ↕ Height: 90mm, Diameter: 38mm, < Degrees: 22,5

Νο2 (360 pcs/cb)
Info: ↕ Height: 126mm, Diameter:48mm, < Degrees:22,5

Biscuit cones – Rocket Νο3 (130 pcs/cb)
Info: ↕ Height: 146mm, Diameter:56mm, < Degrees:22,5

Νο4 “Classic”, “2 colors” και “Cocoa” (130 pcs/cb)
Info: ↕ Height: 150mm, Diameter:70mm, < Degrees:28,5

Νο5 “BIG” (216 pcs/cb)
Info: ↕ Height:170mm, Diameter:98mm, < Degrees:36

Waffle cups

Ice cream cups (336 pcs/cb)
Info: ↕ Height: 70mm, Int. Diameter: 48mm, Ext. Diameter: 65mm

Cups “Fiore” (180 pcs/cb)
Info: ↕ Height: 100mm, Int. Diameter: 58mm, Ext. Diameter: 85mm

Bowl & Boat

Bowl 225 pcs/ct)
Info: ↕ Height: 42mm, Int. Diameter: 40mm, Ext. Diameter: 125mm

Boat (180 pcs/ct)
Info: ↕ Height: 169mm, Int. Diameter: 60mm, Ext. Diameter: 100mm

Biscuits & Wafers

Biscuit cocoa – Vanilla (7kgs/ct)

Broken biscuit cookies, Cocoa – Vanilla, Black (5kgs/ct)

Biscuit Crust Filled, Black (9kgs/ct)

Biscuit powder (6kgs/ct)

Long wafer (4kgs/ct)
Info: Dims. 45x45mm

Long wafer (4kgs/ct)
Info: Dims. 28x70mm

Choco Cigarillos & Fans

Chocolate cigarillos (240 pcs/ct)
Information: ↕ Height: 95mm, Diameter : 12mm

Color Cigarillos (240 pcs/ct)
Information:↕ Height: 95mm, Diameter : 12mm

Cigarillos with praline fill (4kg/ct)

Cigarillos coconut, crocan and truffie (160 pcs/ct)

Cigarillos No 18 (4kg/ct)

Sugar Fans (200 pcs/ct)

Bear Fans (320 pcs/ct)